Planning disk space for exporting or importing

All the data that is exported by the exporter command is stored in the specified file system path.

Before you begin

  • You must ensure that a file system path points to an area with sufficient disk space to store the exported data. The export command stores the Rational® ClearCase® version content in one or multiple compressed files. It also creates other files to store version metadata, configuration metadata, and the check-in user account list.
  • Because the export command accesses all Rational ClearCase VOB versions, you must also ensure that the cleartext storage pool of your VOB has sufficient disk space. For more information about cleartext storage pool, see the Rational ClearCase documentation.

About this task

It is suggested that you first evaluate the migration step with a small amount of data first. You can then assess the amount of time it takes to export and import data. In addition, you can assess the impact to the Jazz™ Team Server after a data migration with a high volume of source control data.

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