Importing change-set links from the Rational ClearQuest and Rational ClearCase integration

You can migrate change-set links from the Rational® ClearQuest® and Rational ClearCase® UCM integration to IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).

About this task

When the Rational ClearQuest records are imported by the ClearQuest Importer, and the Rational ClearCase versions are imported by the ClearCase Version Importer, you can migrate the change-set links by using this command:
ccc import ucmLinks [ -r | --repository-uri ] repository URI or nickname [ -u  |  --username ] user ID in repository [ -P | --password ] password for user ID in repository [ -d  |  --dataDir ] ClearCase Version Importer data directory [ --project-area ] Rational Team Concert project area name or UUID to find work items 


  1. Import the Rational ClearQuest records with the ClearQuest Importer.
  2. Import the Rational ClearCase VOBs with the ClearCase Version Importer. The export phase records the activity ID in the intermediate file.
  3. After the Rational ClearQuest records and Rational ClearCase versions are imported, run the ccc import ucmLinks command.
    1. Specify the ClearCase Version Importer's exported data as an input.
    2. Specify a project area that contains work items migrated from Rational ClearQuest.

    The importer finds a work item by a condition, such as Imported From == activity ID, and associates change-sets with the work item with regular EWM association link types.


At the end of the migration, you can trace the link between change-sets and work items just like normal artifacts in EWM.

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