Managing the synchronization environment

To continuously support synchronizing and importing, the synchronization environment must be managed as things change. Management tasks might include working with or modifying synchronization streams, managing changes to the synchronization host, or modifying or creating merge workspaces.

About this task

Some activities, such as manually requesting a synchronization, might be performed regularly; some activities, such as viewing synchronization error logs, might be performed occasionally. Some activities, such as changing the default location of a script or creating a merge workspace, might be performed rarely or never be necessary at all.

The ClearCase Synchronizer and ClearCase Baseline Importer synchronizations use many pieces of the Jazz® Team Server Build Component:
  • The Rational® ClearCase® synchronization engine is a Jazz Build Engine;
  • The Rational ClearCase synchronization process is a build;
  • The Latest Synchronization Details Editor is a specialized build editor;
  • The Synchronization History view is a Builds view.

As a result, many synchronization-related activities can be performed in the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) Build interface, including setting synchronization schedules and configuring notifications (See Configuring email notifications for builds). For more information about the EWM Build interface, see Performing build tasks in the Eclipse client.