Troubleshooting import problems

Errors can occur during importing. Here are some common errors and behaviors.

About this task

  • The importer command adds data to the repository's relational database. Ensure that database has sufficient disk space.
  • Do not access the stream that is specified by the importer command while it is running. Other streams and workspaces can be used for normal operations.
  • The importer command does not access Rational® ClearCase®. The Rational ClearCase system can be fully operational during the import command.
  • The import command must be run with the Jazz administrator user account. The account must also have permission to create a repository workspace, create change sets, create baselines, and deliver in the project area.
  • When the import command fails, you can examine the cause of the problem in the log file. After the problem is fixed, you can run the same import command again. The second attempt finds any file versions that are imported by the previous import and resumes the import with the remainder of content.

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