Importing additional Rational ClearCase history

After you use the ClearCase Baseline Importer to set up a synchronized stream and import Rational® ClearCase® data with history, you can import subsequent Rational ClearCase history.

About this task

You can import subsequent Rational ClearCase history from UCM or base Rational ClearCase using an existing synchronized stream. You can also select additional files and folders to import with history, but they are not imported with history from the initial baseline or backstop label type. They are imported only with history that is subsequent to the last import.
Important: Only the Rational ClearCase Synchronizer should deliver changes to an import-only synchronized stream because any subsequent imports that attempt to modify a file changed in this way cause the synchronize request to fail with a conflict. To ensure that changes are not inadvertently delivered to an import-only synchronized stream, it is recommended that you create import-only synchronized streams in team areas where only the ClearCase Synchronizer account has the permission to deliver to a stream. If a user delivers a change to an import-only synchronized stream, correct it by doing the following:
  • From the merge workspace for that synchronized stream, discard the change sets that were delivered to a component.
  • Use the replace in stream operation to replace the configuration of the component in the stream with the configuration of the component in the merge workspace.
Tip: To import additional files and folders with the same history as the originally imported files and folders, create a new synchronized stream, selecting a synchronized root that contains all of the files and folders that you want to import with history.
You can request individual synchronizations by following the steps later on, or you can schedule regular synchronizations. To view or modify the synchronization schedule for a stream, right click the stream in the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view, and click Open Synchronization Schedule.


  1. Open the Synchronized Streams view.
  2. Right-click the synchronized stream that you want to update and perform one of the following actions:
    • If you want to import additional files and folders with history, click Select files to synchronize, update the synchronized root list in the Import table with the new files and folders, and click Finish.
    • If you want to update imported files and folder with new Rational ClearCase history, click Request Synchronization.
    Importing begins as soon as a synchronization engine process is available. If there is any new Rational ClearCase history, subsequent to the last import, it is imported to Rational Team Concert source control for all synchronized roots.