Troubleshooting export problems

Errors can occur during exporting. Here are some common errors and behaviors.
  • The exporter commands access all of the versions in Rational® ClearCase® VOBs. Ensure that the VOB server's cleartext pool has sufficient disk space.
  • The exporter command might take considerable time, depending on the amount of the data. Do not access, check out, or check in files or folders in the dynamic view that are used by the exporter command. You can use other Rational ClearCase views for normal operations.
  • The exporter command does not access EWM (EWM). EWM can be operational during the export command.
  • If the export command fails, you can rerun the command after you fix the root cause. The command resumes the export operations from the point of the previous run and does not require you to start over. Failures can be a result of lengthy exports. You can plan ahead to migrate the data in smaller increments. For more information, see Migrating data in increments.
    Note: When you stop the export command manually (for example, ending the process or pressing Ctrl+C), you cannot resume the export operation by rerunning the command. In this case, you must start the export operation again.
  • If an error occurs that is a cleartool command failure, run the command outside of the importer, fix the Rational ClearCase issue, and rerun the command.
  • File elements that are not visible in the view are not replicated. Before you start exporting, ensure that all files that you plan to import are visible in the dynamic view.
  • You can specify a path in UCM dynamic view and choose a path under a UCM component VOB. The importer migrates all file versions in all branches, but it does not migrate the UCM metadata, such as UCM activity, baselines, and streams.
  • The error message, cleartool: Error: "NT"-type SID is not supported by credmap_server, during the export occurs when Rational ClearCase versions have an invalid group name or user name. Work with a Rational ClearCase administrator to fix the issue in Rational ClearCase, and run the export command again.

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