Exporting multiple configurations

You can specify a list of IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) views to be imported as EWM baselines with either the --viewTags or --viewTagsFile option.

About this task

To specify a list of Rational® ClearCase® views to be imported as EWM baselines, use the following command:

ccc export ccase-d | --dataDir ] data directory ] [ -i | --inputRoot ] input root ][ --viewTags view tag [...] | --viewTagsFile view tags file ]
Note: The input root argument must be a pathname visible in every view specified.


Run the command, ccc export ccase with either the --viewTags or --viewTagsFile option.

The command exports the view configurations to the intermediate data directory. When you run the import command, the view configurations are migrated to baselines in EWM source control.

What to do next

  • After you export the data from Rational ClearCase, you can specify the user accounts mapping. For more information, see Specifying the user accounts mapping.
  • You can use this option to import your label types by creating Rational ClearCase views, setting its config-spec, and listing them to the command. Or you can list Rational ClearCase views that are attached to UCM streams, and the latest contents of the stream are imported as EWM baselines.
  • Note: The ClearCase Version Importer continues to import all versions of files even if they are not visible in the listed Rational ClearCase views (if the file is visible in one of the views).

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