Verifying the imported Rational ClearCase configurations and version histories

After you run the ClearCase Version Importer to migrate source control data to IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM), you can run the ccc compare command at the end of the migration to verify that the imported content is identical to the content in Rational® ClearCase®.

Before you begin

The ccc compare command must be run on a system that has access to both Rational ClearCase and EWM. The Rational ClearCase client must be installed on the system to access the VOBs through the dynamic view.

About this task

The ccc compare command looks at the file system structure in both Rational ClearCase and EWM source control, compares the file contents and file metadata, such as the check-in date or version attributes, and reports any differences.

You can optionally verify file versions in the history. By default, the command compares the Rational ClearCase dynamic view content with the EWM baseline and metadata for files in the file system. The following examples demonstrate how and when you might use the command.

  • When you have the intermediate data that is imported to EWM, you can specify the data directory in the new command, and it verifies all the EWM baselines. The --verifyVersionHistory option verifies file versions in the history as well as baselines:

    ccc compare ccase [ -r  |  --repository-uri ] repository URI or nickname [ -d | --dataDir ] data directory [ --verifyVersionHistory ] version history 
  • If you do not have the intermediate data, you can still verify the imported content using the following options:

    ccc compare ccase [ -r  |  --repository-uri ] repository URI [ -u  |  --username ] user ID in repository [ -P  |  --password ] password for user ID in repository ] [ -i  |  --inputRoot ] input root [ -c  |  --component ] component [ --viewTags ] view tag [...] [ --baselinesbaseline [...] 


  • ccc compare ccase -r repo -d c:\501M2\log\exportSumSQuid5views --verifyVersionHistory true
  • ccc compare ccase -r repo -u user1 -P user1PW -i automation\tests\clearcase\suites\sum\squid\2002.05.00\YYIN_SQUID -c cl -i automation\tests\clearcase\suites\sum\squid --viewTags export801 --baselines export801