Viewing linked work items and UCM activities

If a work item and a UCM activity have been linked by using the ClearCase Bridge, you can view the work item from the context of the activity or view the activity from the context of the work item.

About this task

You can view linked work items and activities, and you can also perform some basic Rational® ClearCase® operations on the activity links within each work item.


  • To view linked work items from an activity, right-click the activity and select Open Work Items.
  • To view information about a linked activity from a work item, open the work item and, on the Links page, right-click the activity and click Open.
    The activity Change Set view opens displaying the activity information. To view properties for the activity, click Properties in the Change Set view.
  • To perform Rational ClearCase operations on a linked activity from within a work item, open the Links page for the work item. Right-click the activity, and select from the following actions:
    • Show Version Tree
    • Show History