Configuring site-wide ClearCase Bridge UCM integration

With Rational® ClearTeam Explorer, a project lead or an administrator can configure the ClearCase Bridge integration on a UCM stream. Developers can use the same integration process when they work with the UCM stream or development streams under it.

About this task

The following examples show some of the configurations that you can set on a UCM stream:
  • The IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) repository URL to integrate
  • The query to list the work items in Rational ClearTeam Explorer task-user interface
  • The activity ID format when the ClearCase Bridge creates a UCM activity for selected work item

After the integration is configured, all of your Rational ClearCase® activities are associated to work items, even if you turn off a preference option of Rational ClearTeam Explorer. Rational ClearCase administrators or project managers are assured that every source code change is traceable by work items through the automatically enforced association.

The configuration is inherited by child streams, so you do not have to configure the integration on every stream when developers have their own development streams.

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