Associating Rational ClearCase element versions with a work item during operations

You can associate a Rational® ClearCase® element version with a work item during Rational ClearCase operations such as check out, check in, or add to source control.

About this task

You can associate Rational ClearCase element version with a work item during the following Rational ClearCase operations:
  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Undo checkout
  • Create a file or folder (mkelem)
The method you use to associate versions depends on the Rational ClearCase version that you install with IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).
  • When you install Rational ClearTeam Explorer or higher, you can select a work item to associate your file and folder versions with from the Rational ClearCase common dialog, such as checkout, checkin, or add to source control. In the common dialog, navigate to Select Task field, and click No Current Item. The Select Work Item panel is displayed, and you can select a work item to associate. When you finish the Rational ClearCase common dialog, the Rational ClearCase element versions are automatically associated to the selected work item.
  • When you install earlier versions of Rational ClearTeam Explorer or Rational ClearCase Remote Client, you can set the current work item in your Eclipse client workbench, and the associations between the current work item and elements versions are made automatically upon the following Rational ClearCase operations. The current work item continues to collect associations until it is unset, so it is suggested that you unset the work item before performing Rational ClearCase deliver or findmerge operations, or you can set a new work item to be associated with the versions created by those operations.

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