Manually associating a Rational ClearCase activity with a work item

From a Rational® ClearCase® UCM activity, you can manually create an association with a IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work item.

About this task

Complete the following steps to associate an EWM work item with a Rational ClearCase UCM activity from within the context of the UCM activity.


  1. Open a view that displays Rational ClearCase activities. For example, in the SCM Adapter perspective, open the CM Activities view.
  2. Right-click on the activity and select Associate Work Items.
  3. In the work item list, select the work item to associate and click OK.

What to do next

After you have created the link between a work item and an activity, you can navigate between them. To open a work item associated to an activity, right-click the activity, and then click Open Work Items. To remove the link between the work item and the activity, right-click the activity and select Remove Work Items. Select the work items that you want to remove from the list and click OK.

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