ClearCase Synchronizer limitations and known problems

This release of the ClearCase Synchronizer and ClearCase Baseline Importer has the following limitations and restrictions.
  • Only a supported patch release of Rational® ClearCase® 7.1.x and later can be used for the ClearCase Synchronizer.
  • In IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM), users are associated with change sets, not individual versions. A change set created by the ClearCase Synchronizer, including the ClearCase Baseline Importer, contains multiple versions that are commonly created by different users, so it is not clear as to which user you select as the owner of the change set.
  • To be imported from a UCM stream, a file or folder must be a member of a UCM component. The root folder of a multi-component UCM VOB is not a member of any UCM component and cannot be imported.
  • Change sets that are created to import changes from a base Rational ClearCase branch that is enabled for Rational ClearQuest® are not annotated with Rational ClearQuest activity information.
  • When you use Rational ClearCase with resources that are part of a synchronized stream, observe the guidelines in Considerations for Rational ClearCase users.
  • The ClearCase Synchronizer for branch types (known as the base ClearCase Synchronizer) tracks the versions that are synchronized with EWM by recording the synchronization time. Versions newer than that time are imported into EWM on the subsequent synchronization. For versions created on a remotely mastered branch, their creation times are recorded at the remote site, but the versions are not visible at the site where the ClearCase Synchronizer runs. As a result, those versions are missed by the synchronization attempt. Because their creation dates are before the recorded synchronization time, they are not synchronized into EWM.
  • The ClearCase Synchronizer uses its own basename to identify the baseline that it creates. Do not change the baseline template name or the synchronization fails.
  • If you are synchronizing a branch type in a replicated VOB with the ClearCase Synchronizer, do not use branch mastership because the synchronizer might not synchronize the versions on the remotely mastered branches. Specifically, do not use the -master option when you use the mkelem cleartool command or its equivalents in the Rational ClearCase graphical user interfaces. Also, do not change the mastership of a branch that uses the chmaster cleartool command or its equivalents in the Rational ClearCase graphical user interfaces.
  • For a list of problems and workarounds, see Synchronization errors.

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