Configuration specification details for base Rational ClearCase

When you use a branch type and label type to define a ClearCase® Synchronized Stream, the New ClearCase-Synchronized Stream wizard creates a Rational® ClearCase dynamic view with a configuration specification based on that branch type and label type.

Advanced Rational ClearCase users might want to refer to these configuration specification (config spec) details to gain a better understanding of how the branch type and label type names are used.

If you specify both branch type ("my_branch") and a label type ("MY_LABEL"), then the following configuration specification is produced:
element * CHECKEDOUT
element * .../my_branch/LATEST
element * MY_LABEL -mkbranch my_branch
element * /main/0 -mkbranch my_branch
In the absence of a label type, the config spec becomes:
element * CHECKEDOUT
element * .../my_branch/LATEST
element * /main/0 -mkbranch my_branch

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