Migrating data by using the ClearCase Version Importer

The ClearCase Version Importer can migrate all Rational® ClearCase® versions in any branches in a single operation.

The following Figure 1 illustrates the interactions between Rational ClearCase, the ClearCase Version Importer, and IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).
Figure 1. ClearCase Version Importer data flow
Workflow for the ClearCase Version Importer

The basic workflow for the ClearCase Version Importer has two steps. In the first step, the export ccase command extracts file version data from Rational ClearCase and stores it in intermediate files. In the second step, the import ccase command imports all the versions in all branches from the intermediate files and imports them to the target folder in the EWM repository workspace. The command then creates a baseline in the repository workspace and delivers the baseline to the import stream.