Planning to migrate data incrementally

You can migrate data in increments to avoid failures that might occur when you export large amounts of data.

For more information, see Migrating data in increments.

When you plan your migration, consider the following scenarios.

Migrating data one folder at a time

When you plan to migrate a large VOB, you can migrate data incrementally by repeating export and import commands for the subfolders. At the end, you can run the migration at the top-level folder with the incremental migration option.

Migrating Rational ClearCase views in increments

The Rational® ClearCase® views that are specified by the export command are migrated as IBM® Engineering Workflow Management baselines. You can incrementally migrate them one view at a time. You can plan ahead to identify a subset of views that are initially migrated, and later you can migrate more views with the incremental migration option.

Migrating more checked-in versions after initial migration

The migration might take considerable time if the data volume is large, and it might not be practical for you to schedule a Rational ClearCase service outage for users during that time. Users might check in new versions to the Rational ClearCase system while the migration is running or after the initial migration. You can migrate more data after the initial migration with the incremental migration option.