Connecting EWM and UCM

The ClearCase Bridge supports associations between IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work items and Rational® ClearCase® UCM activities.

A work item can be associated with multiple activities and an activity can be associated with multiple work items. Depending on the context of your work, these links are created automatically or you can create them manually.

You can select a work item instead of a UCM activity on the Rational ClearCase common dialogs, such as checkout, checkin, or add to source control. A UCM activity is created automatically and associated to the selected work item. You can see work items that are assigned to you at in the My Activities view of the Rational ClearTeam Explorer or from the UCM toolbar.

Associations can be manually created from the context of an activity. After you create a link between a work item and an activity, you can navigate from one to the other. You can remove a link from the context of the work item or the activity.

You can view the associated activity and the activity properties in the same way that you would typically access them using the Rational ClearTeam Explorer, the Rational ClearCase Remote Client, or the Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter. For example, the Rational ClearCase Remote Client requires that you are connected to a Rational ClearCase server in order to access activity information. If you click an activity link in a work item and you have not connected to a Rational ClearCase server during the current session, you are prompted to connect before you can view the activity information.

Note: To update work item URLs stored in Rational ClearCase VOBs, see the Rational ClearCase product documentation.

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