Associating an EWM project with an IBM Connections community

Associating an IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) project with an IBM Connections community sets that community as the default community for the project. When project members use the integration features, such as posting to community wikis, blogs, and forums or associating work items with community activities, the associated community is offered as the default community in which to perform the actions. Project members can choose a different community to work with.

Before you begin

To associate a project area with a default IBM Connections community, you must log in as a user with permission to modify the project area. Also, that user's profile must be connected to the server that hosts the IBM Connections community. See Connecting to a IBM Connections community.


  1. In the Project Area page, click the Manage Project Area link.
  2. Open the Social Network tab.
  3. To associate your project with an existing community:
    1. Click the Select Community button to open the Select Community window.
    2. Enter a search filter to load the list, or click the Show All link to view all communities.
    3. Select a community from the list of matching items and click OK, and then Save.
  4. To associate your project with a new community:
    1. Click Create Community.
    2. Enter a Name for the community, define the Access Level, and optionally add a Description for the community and Tags to make the community easy to find.
    3. Click Create, and then Save.