Verifying that the ClearQuest Gateway is running

After you run the server.startup command to start the ClearQuest® Gateway, verify that the Gateway is running.

About this task

Open a Web browser on the computer where the ClearQuest Gateway is installed, and go to the following URL: http://localhost:8081/cqconnector/gateway. You should see a "Welcome to the Jazz® ClearQuest Synchronizer Gateway" message.

In addition to indicating that the ClearQuest Gateway is running, this Web page provides useful status information, which you can use to troubleshoot configuration problems. The page provides details about your ClearQuest user database; the Jazz Team Server or Jazz Team Servers; and the project areas on those servers with which the ClearQuest Gateway connects. The Web page also shows the latest results from the ClearQuest Gateway polling of the ClearQuest user database.