Validating the setup of the Node.js server

After you complete the steps to set up the Node.js server, confirm that it works as expected.

About this task

The following steps assume that the Node.js server is installed on a Linux system and was started with the following configuration properties set:

Property Value
Git-URL-Prefixes /git
Git-Repositories-Root-Dir /var/opt/git-data/repositories
Server-Port 9999
Server-Use-HTTPS false


  1. On the computer that hosts the Node.js server, open a command prompt and enter the following commands:
    $> cd /var/opt/git-data/repositories
    $> mkdir myfirstrepo.git
    $> cd myfirstrepo.git
    $> git init –bare
  2. Enter the following command to validate the Node.js server setup:
    $> cd ~
    $> git clone http://localhost:9999/git/myfirstrepo.git
    When prompted, enter your credentials. Then the Git repository should be cloned to the current directory.
  3. Enter the following command to confirm that there is a myfirstrepo directory in the current directory:
    $> ls myfirstrepo

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