Upgrading the user database with a new version of the JazzInterop package

The ClearQuest® Synchronizer Setup Wizard configures your Rational® ClearQuest environment by applying the JazzInterop package to a schema and then upgrading a user database to the new version of the schema. There might be times when you want to upgrade your schema and user database to a newer version of the JazzInterop package.

About this task

Table 1 lists the JazzInterop package revisions; the defects or enhancements that were resolved in each revision; and the releases in which each revision was first available.
Table 1. JazzInterop package revisions
JazzInterop package revision Defects fixed or enhancements implemented IBM® Rational Team Concert release in which the package revision is first included
1.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2 Initial package 2.0
1.0.3 37069 Handle CQ change history records in replicated databases 2.0
1.0.4 46992 CQ schema changes for multiple Jazz connections 2.0
1.0.5 49885 Delete Action for CQ record not in Interop package 2.0
1.0.6 55148 Records that fall out of filter's result set stop synching 2.0
1.0.7 65725 & in an attachment file name causes problems parsing the XML from the events generated by the JazzInterop hooks iFix 2
1.0.8 129163 Change events records aren't created when they should be when the feature level of the CQ schema repository is 7 3.0 and iFix 5
1.0.9 89512 JazzInterop CQ package will not capture all fields updated 3.0.1
1.10 158915 CQ Synchronizer not handling multiple attachment fields even though sync rule is not synching them 3.0.1
1.11 204959 Invalid attachments field names gathered by the Change Event cause attachment deletion during incoming sync and


  1. On a computer running Windows, copy the install-directory/gateway/cqPackage/JazzInterop folder and paste it into the cq-install-dir/packages folder.
  2. Navigate to the cq-install-dir folder. Use the packageutil command to register the JazzInterop package with ClearQuest. If you need to apply multiple versions of the package to your schema to get to the latest package version, run this command multiple times, specifying a different package version each time before proceeding to the next step. For example:
    packageutil registerpackage JazzInterop package-version "C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\packages\JazzInterop\package-version"
  3. Open ClearQuest Designer by clicking Start > All Programs > IBM Rational ClearQuest > ClearQuest Designer. In the Schema Repository Explorer view, right-click a schema version and select Packages > Apply Package. Expand the JazzInterop folder and select the version of the package to apply. Click Next. Select the record types that you want to enable for synchronization. Click Finish. Check in the new version of the schema.
  4. Click View > Database Admin. Right-click on the user database that you want to upgrade and click Upgrade Database. The Upgrade User Database window opens. Select the new schema version from the Versions list and click OK.