Starting the ClearQuest Gateway

Before you can start the ClearQuest® Synchronizer Setup Wizard, you must start the ClearQuest Gateway.

Before you begin

The Jazz™ Team Server must be started before you start the ClearQuest Gateway.

About this task

The ClearQuest Gateway runs on an Apache Tomcat server. In releases prior to 6.0.1, the ClearQuest Synchronizer installation included Apache Tomcat. Beginning in 6.0.1, you must download the Tomcat archive file from the Apache Tomcat web site.
Note: Because Windows shell commands are not compatible with Cygwin commands, the ClearQuest Gateway startup script fails if your Path environment variable includes cygwin/bin before Windows. To resolve this problem, remove cygwin/bin from the Path environment variable.


  1. Navigate to the install-directory/gateway/tomcat directory; copy the conf and webapps directories, and paste them to a different location. Delete the conf and webapps directories in the install-directory/gateway/tomcat directory.
  2. In a web browser, go to the Apache Tomcat web site and download a supported version of Apache Tomcat application server. The supported version of Apache Tomcat is 7.0.59.
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file.
  4. Within the extracted directory structure, navigate to the directory that contains these directories and files:
    • bin
    • conf
    • lib
    • logs
    • temp
    • webapps
    • work
    • NOTICE
    • RUNNING.txt
  5. Copy all of the files and directories listed in the previous step, then paste them into the install-directory/gateway/tomcat directory.
  6. Copy the contents of the conf directory that you previously copied and pasted in Step 1. Then paste those files into the install-directory/gateway/tomcat/conf directory, replacing the server.xml and tomcat-users.xml files.
  7. Copy the cqconnector.war file from the webapps directory that you previously copied and pasted in Step 1. Then paste that file into the install-directory/gateway/tomcat/webapps directory.
  8. Navigate to the install-directory/gateway folder.
  9. Run the server.startup command.
    • On Windows:
    • On Linux:

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