Starting the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup wizard

Start the ClearQuest® Synchronizer Setup wizard to begin configuring your Rational® ClearQuest and Jazz® environments.

Before you begin

The Jazz Team Server and ClearQuest Gateway must be running before you start the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup wizard. The ClearQuest Gateway must be running on a computer running Windows. You must have Windows administrative privileges. The wizard generates a properties file,, that the ClearQuest Gateway uses. If you plan to deploy the ClearQuest Synchronizer on a computer running Linux, you can edit the generated properties file so that its settings specify the correct computer in path names; copy it to the Linux computer where you plan to deploy the ClearQuest Synchronizer; and start the ClearQuest Gateway on that computer.
Note: Because the file contains login names and passwords for Rational ClearQuest and Jazz user accounts, be sure to set the permissions on that file so that it is readable only by authorized users. Passwords stored in the file are obfuscated, not encrypted.


  1. Enter the following URL in a web browser: http://host-name:8081/cqconnector/cqsetup, where host-name is the computer on which the ClearQuest Gateway is running.
  2. If prompted, enter your user ID and password.
    You are prompted for a user ID and password only if the Apache Tomcat server on which the ClearQuest Gateway runs is configured to require authentication.