Starting the Node.js server

After you configure the Node.js server, start it.


  1. To enable logging for the Node.js server, set the environment variable RTC_GIT_SERVER_TRACE_LEVEL to one of the following a trace level values before you start the server:
    Value Trace level
    1 Error
    2 Warning
    3 Informational
    4 Verbose
  2. To start the server, browse to /rtc-git-server-toolkit/server directory and run the following command: nohup node main.js &. The trace log is generated onto the standard output. To redirect the log to a file, run the following command: nohup node main.js > server.log &.
    Note: It is better to use nohup to run the server, even after you close the terminal window.
    Optional: Alternatively, you can start the server by running or startServer.bat. The logs are stored in rtc-git-server-toolkit/server/logs/server.log. To run or startServer.bat, you must meet the following requirements:
    • On Windows: You have permission to create and delete folders within the rtc-git-server-toolkit\server folder.
    • On Linux: You have permission to create and delete files and folders within rtc-git-server-toolkit/server folder. The kernel version should be 2.6.12 or greater and must support emulation if the server folder is stored in an NFS file system.

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