Reviewing generated synchronization rules

If you use the ClearQuest® Synchronizer Setup Wizard to create initial versions of synchronization rules, review those rules in the Synchronization Rule editor in the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) Eclipse client to identify where you need to specify additional mapping details.

Before you begin

To create, modify, and delete synchronization rules, you must be assigned either a Developer or ClearQuest Synchronizer Client Access License. In addition, the project area must be configured to grant permissions to your user role. To set permissions, open the project area; click the Process Configuration tab; click Project Configuration > Permissions>; select a role; and select Item Connectors in the Permitted Actions list.


  1. Login to the EWM Eclipse client.
  2. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the repository connection and select Administer > Synchronization Rules. In the Synchronization Rules view, expand the project area node to see the synchronization rules.
  3. Double-click a synchronization rule to open it in the Synchronization Rule editor.
  4. Review the Property Mappings table to see the mappings between ClearQuest record fields (External Property) and work item attributes (Item Property). To see the details for each mapping, select the mapping in the table. For properties that are enumerations, such as Priority and Severity, review the Value mappings table below.
  5. Compare the mappings to the requirements in your planning worksheet and identify any gaps.

What to do next

After identifying gaps for all synchronization rules, edit those synchronization rules to add the mapping details.