Resetting the ClearQuest Gateway

After you finish all of the configuration steps, you must reset the Gateway so that it initializes with the changes you made.

Before you begin

Before you reset the Gateway, you must complete the following additional steps:
  • Review the synchronization rules generated by the wizard and modify them to map additional fields.
  • Edit the synchronization rules to specify how to set the Category property of work items. During incoming synchronization, the Category property must be set so that the work item can be associated with a team area. In the Synchronization Rule editor and the Work Item editor, the Category property is displayed as Filed Against.
  • Enable outgoing synchronization for the Jazz™ Team Server.
  • Enable outgoing synchronization for the external repository connection.

About this task

If you change or add synchronization rules or queries, you must reset the Gateway for the changes to take effect.


Click Reset Gateway.


The Welcome to the Jazz ClearQuest Synchronizer Gateway page is displayed and shows the message, The gateway is now accepting all requests. The ClearQuest® Synchronizer synchronizes records and work items that users create or modify after you start the Gateway.

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