Mapping attribute values

For fields, such as Priority and Severity, that have values, you must map the ClearQuest field values to the corresponding work item field values.

About this task

In the same way that you map attributes by using the sourceId and targetId parameters, you can map the attribute values. For example, a ClearQuest priority value of Resolve Immediately would be mapped to the work item priority value of High.

For work item attribute values, use the attribute value ID. To find work item attribute value IDs for enumerations, search the project area's Process Configuration Source page.


  1. Open the mapping file in an XML editor.
  2. Find the attribute value IDs for enumerations.
    1. Open the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) client for Eclipse IDE.
    2. In the Team Artifacts view, open the project area.
    3. Click Process Configuration Source.
    4. Search for <enumeration attributeTypeId=.
    5. Note the attribute value IDs that are specified with the id parameter.
  3. Edit the attribute mapping section of the mapping file so that the field values of the ClearQuest record type are mapped correctly to the work item field values. For example:
    <attribute sourceId="Priority" targetId=""/>
    <attributeType targetId="priority">
          <value sourceId="1-Resolve Immediately" targetId="priority.literal.l4"/> 
          <value sourceId="2-Give High Attention" targetId="priority.literal.l4"/> 
          <value sourceId="3-Normal Queue" targetId="priority.literal.l3"/>
          <value sourceId="4-Low Priority" targetId="priority.literal.l2"/> 
          <value sourceId="" targetId="priority.literal.l1"/> 

What to do next

Continue to customize the mapping file as necessary. See Customizing the mapping file.

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