Importing ClearQuest FTP links

Some Rational® ClearQuest® users store record attachments in an FTP server rather than in the ClearQuest user database. In these situations, the ClearQuest records contain links to the attachments in the FTP server. You can import these links into work items.

About this task

To import FTP links into work items, create a work item custom attribute, then map the ClearQuest FTP links field to the corresponding work item attribute.


  1. Add a custom attribute to the work item type:
    1. In the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) client for Eclipse IDE, open the project area.
    2. Click the Process Customization page.
    3. Expand Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items.
    4. Click Types and Attributes.
    5. Select the work item type to which you want to add the attribute.
    6. Scroll to the Attributes section. Click Add. Complete the fields in the Add Custom Attribute window, then click OK.
    7. Click Editor Presentations.
    8. Select the editor presentation to which you want to add the field for the new attribute. Select the tab and then the section to which you want to add the field. Click Add Presentation. Complete the fields of the Add Presentation window, then click OK.
    9. Click Save to save your changes to the project area.
  2. Edit the mapping file to map the new work item attribute to the ClearQuest FTP links field.
    1. Open the mapping file in an XML editor.
    2. In the attribute mapping section of the file, add an entry such as the following:
      <attribute sourceId="AttachmentLog" targetId=""/
    3. Save the mapping file.

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