Registering Git repositories

When you register a Git repository, you create an association between the Git repository and a IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) process area.

Before you begin

The Jazz™ Team Server and Git server must be installed and configured.

You must have permissions to register a repository. For more information, see Defining Git-related permissions and preconditions.


  1. In the web client, log on to Change and Configuration Management. For example, go to https://host_name:9443/ccm/web.
  2. On CCM project page, click Source Control > Work with Git.
  3. Click Register a Git repository.
  4. Add a title.
  5. Optional: To specify a project area or team area that controls which users can commit or push changes to the Git repository and that enforces process based on user roles and work item attribute values:
    1. To the right of Controlling Process Area, click Browse.
    2. Navigate to the project or team area and click OK.
    3. You can view registered Git repositories from all project areas by setting the scope to All. By default, up to 100 repositories are displayed per page. You can change the setting to display fewer repositories per page. You can also filter the results by entering a name or URL. To access the Browse Registered Git Repositories page, click Source Control > Work with Git > Browse Registered Git Repositories
      All projects
  6. Optional: For GitHub integration, to sign the Git request for authorization, select Secret Key Authorization and specify the secret key.
  7. Click Save.

What to do next

You can create Git reference mapping. For more information, see Creating Git reference mapping.

To view the Git repositories that are registered with project or team areas, on the Work with Git page, click Browse Registered Git Repositories. You can also unregister a repository.

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