Associating work items with commits

You can use Git notes to associate work items with Git commits. You can change notes objects without changing the commit. When you change the contents of a notes object that is associated with a commit, a new object is created but the commit association is maintained. Associated notes objects are displayed in the Git log by default and show the work items that are linked to the commit.
Note: Work item links are created by server-side hooks (post-receive) when commits are pushed (for commits and notes). When you use post-receive hooks for work item linking, notes are created for commits if they do not already exist. To enable this behavior, you must set and for the individual repository or globally for the operating system user who runs the Git server side process. If these properties are not set, notes are not automatically created when a commit is pushed. You can still create notes in the client and push them.

Git notes objects can contain multiple lines of text – like a commit message text. IBM® Engineering Workflow Management post-receive hooks interpret the line that starts with the text rtc.wi: as the line that contains the work item references. The format is: rtc.wi:wi-number, wi-number. For example, rtc.wi:123, 234, 245.

Note: Non-work item reference lines, such as notes text, can be included with a work item reference line.

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