Capturing issue or commit discussion comments

You can capture issue comments or commit discussion comments in IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work items when those comments have references to work items. For example, if a commit discussion or issue comment has the words defect 320, defect 380, then these comments are captured in those two defects.

Before you begin

To capture commit comments in work items, you must first perform the configuration steps described in Configuring the basic integration with GitHub Enterprise.

About this task

In the issue or commit discussion comment, these keywords are recognized as work item references: workitem, bug, task, defect, and #.


  1. Configure a webhook in the GitHub Enterprise repository.
    1. In a web browser, open the GitHub repository.
    2. Click the Settings tab.
    3. In the navigation pane, click Hooks.
    4. In the Webhooks section, find the webhook that you created previously. Click Edit.
    5. Under Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?, select Let me select individual events. In the options displayed, select Issues, Commit Comment, and Issue Comment.
    6. Click Update webhook to complete the configuration of the webhook in GitHub Enterprise.
  2. Optional: To disable replication of content from the issue or commit discussion in work items:
    1. In the web client, log in to Change and Configuration Management. For example, go to https://host_name:9443/ccm/web.
    2. On the CCM project page, click Source Control > Work with Git.
    3. Click Browse Registered Git Repositories.
    4. Select the repository that you registered.
    5. Expand the GitHub/GitLab Configuration section.
    6. Clear Replicate comments from commit or issue discussion.
    7. Click Save.
  3. Specify work items in commit discussions.
    • To capture commit discussion in a work item, mention the work item number after a supported keyword in the commit discussion comment. For example: fix rtcwi 123. For the full list of keywords, see Associating work items with commits.
    • To capture issue discussion in a work item, mention the work item number after a supported keyword in the issue discussion comment.

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