Integrating with GitHub Enterprise

You can configure IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) process support for push operations through GitHub Enterprise pre-receive hooks. You can also enable linking between work items and Git commits.

Before you begin

Before you configure traceability between commits and work items, or process support for push operations, you must complete the tasks described in Configuring the basic integration with GitHub Enterprise.

About this task

To enable linking of work items to commits, you configure webhooks in a GitHub Enterprise repository so that after a push operation completes, the registered EWM server is notified, and one or more work items are linked to the commits, based on the comments in the push. Linking between work items and commits in a repository is also supported through webhooks.

You can define permissions for push operations based on the role of the user in EWM and also configure preconditions for push operations.

For process support, GitHub Enterprise and EWM should share a user base. For linking work items to Git commits, a shared user base is not mandatory and a EWM functional user can be used. Process support is not available for

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