Updating work items with actionable Git comments

You can use Git comments to resolve a work item or to specify how much time was spent on it. The comments must follow a specific format for IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) to distinguish them from a standard comment.


  • To resolve a work item, in the Git comment, type #resolve after the number of the work item to be resolved. For example, Task 21 #resolve.
  • To specify the time that is spent on a work item, in the Git comment, after the work item number, type time#, followed by the time that is spent in wdhm format. For example, Task 72 time#1w2d5h30m.
    Note: w, d, h, m are the denominations for weeks, days, hours, and minutes. If a single number is specified, it is interpreted as hours. Entries can be specified in any combination. For example, Bug 11 time#1w4h, task 23 time#4d6h20m.
    You can use the comments #resolve and time# together in any sequence, but they must follow the work item number that they reference. For example, defect 8 time#4h #resolve.