Generating a token for a GitLab user

You need to generate a token if you want to configure process enforcement of Git Push operations, and enable linking of Git commits to IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work items. The EWM Git Integration Toolkit is needed for configuring pre-receive and post-receive hooks. Perform this task only once for a GitLab server. You do not need to repeat it for every registered GitLab repository.

About this task

The hooks are dependent on a REST API offered by GitLab to retrieve the system user ID based on an environment variable. GitLab requires each REST API call to pass a private token of a valid user to respond to the API. You can create a separate non-administrator user whose token can be used in these scripts so that you avoid sharing any other user's private token.

Note: If users interact with Git repositories through the SSH protocol (pull, clone, push), then you must provide a personal access token of a GitLab administrator.


  1. To generate a personal access token, follow the instructions in Creating a personal access token.
  2. Under Scopes, select the api option.
  3. Copy the displayed token. You use this to configure the pre-receive and post-receive hooks.

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