Showing ClearQuest Synchronizer events on dashboards

You can configure a feed in the Team Dashboard view so that all ClearQuest® Synchronizer events show up in the Events section.

About this task

By default, ClearQuest Synchronizer events do not appear in the Events section. Having ClearQuest Synchronizer events appear in the Events section lets you quickly see when synchronization operations succeed and fail.


  1. In the Events section of the Team Dashboard view, select Configure from the Events menu.
  2. In the Feed Section Configuration window, click Filters. Under Show, select Connector Events. Click OK.

    Alternatively, you can create a new Events section and configure it to show only ClearQuest Synchronizer events. From the menu at the top of the Team Dashboard view, click New section > Events. From the menu in the Events section, click Configure. On the Feeds page, select My Teams in project-area-name. Click Filters. Select Connector Events. Clear all other entries under Show. Click OK.

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