Creating a synchronization rule for attachments

You can create a synchronization rule so that when a ClearQuest® record is synchronized with a IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) item, any attachments to the record and item are also synchronized.

Before you begin

Start the ClearQuest Gateway before you use the Synchronization Rule editor.

About this task

After you create a synchronization rule for attachments, reference that rule in the synchronization rules for mapping the ClearQuest record types to EWM items.

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To create a synchronization rule for attachments:

  1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the repository connection and select Administer > Synchronization Rules. In the Synchronization Rules view, right-click the project area and select New > Synchronization Rule.
  2. In the Synchronization Rule editor, enter a unique name for the rule in the Name property.
  3. In the Type Mapping section, select the Attachment - item type. The Item manager property is set to the manager that processes attachments, Work Item Attachments Manager. In the External manager property, select ClearQuest Manager (non-user records). Select the external repository connection in the External repository field. Select the attachment record type in the External type field.
  4. In the Property Mappings section, click Initialize. Select Name in the Property Mappings table. Change Synchronization to In.
  5. Do not add a mapping for the Description property; it is not supported and causes synchronization to fail with the error, "Invalid Attachment property name: Description." If you added a mapping for the Description property while using a previous release of the ClearQuest Synchronizer, remove it from the attachment synchronization rule.
  6. Click Save to save your synchronization rule.
  7. Within the synchronization rule for the ClearQuest record type to which you want to support synchronization of attachments, click Add to add a property mapping. Select Attachment as the Item property and Attachments as the External property. Deselect No Transformation. In the Reference synchronization rule list, select the rule that you created for attachments. Select the Value transformer Work Item Attachment Transformer. Click Save to save your changes.