Create ClearQuest record filtering queries

The ClearQuest® Synchronizer uses queries to filter the ClearQuest records to synchronize with IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work items, and to determine which project areas to connect with the ClearQuest user database.

About this task

The wizard creates project area folders directly under the root folder that you specified previously. After you click Finish in the wizard, you can create queries in the project area folders.

If you synchronize records of the same record type to multiple project areas on the same Jazz™ Team Server, you must specify queries. Otherwise, specifying a query is optional. If you do not specify a query, all records of that record type are synchronized.

You must write the queries so that no single ClearQuest record is routed to more than one project area on the same Jazz Team Server. You can route a ClearQuest record to more than one project area if the project areas are on different Jazz Team Servers.


  1. Click Start > All Programs > IBM Rational > IBM Rational ClearQuest > ClearQuest.
  2. Click File > Database > Connect and select the user database.
  3. In the Navigator pane, expand Public Queries or Personal Queries and navigate to a project area folder under the root folder.
  4. Right-click the project area folder and select New Query. Create a query for one of the record types that you plan to synchronize. Create additional queries for each of the other record types you plan to synchronize.

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