Configuring a Jazz project area for the ClearQuest Synchronizer

To configure a Jazz™ project area, you must create a synchronization rule for each ClearQuest® record type that you want to synchronize with a IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) item type. You also must create an external repository connection.

About this task

Use the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard to create an external repository connection and the initial versions of synchronization rules. Then use the Synchronization Rule editor in the EWM Eclipse client to modify the generated synchronization rules to include additional mappings. In most cases, you must edit the synchronization rules to specify how to set the Category property of work items. In the predefined process templates, such as Scrum, the Category property is a required field in work items. Therefore, during incoming synchronization, the Category property must be set. The Category property appears as the Filed Against field in the Work Item editor and Synchronization Rule editor.

The wizard creates the external repository connection with outgoing synchronization disabled because you have not finalized your synchronization rules. After you modify the synchronization rules, edit the external repository connection properties to enable outgoing synchronization.

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