Synchronization rules

Synchronization rules specify how Rational Team Concert™ item properties map to ClearQuest® record fields.

Rational Team Concert provides a framework for proxy items, which correspond to external object types (in this case, ClearQuest objects). The proxy item connects the Rational Team Concert item with the ClearQuest record and enables replication of data from ClearQuest records into the Jazz™ repository.

Each proxy item references a synchronization rule. Within a synchronization rule you map ClearQuest record type fields to Rational Team Concert item properties. The mappings are directional. Incoming synchronization defines how changes to a ClearQuest record are propagated to a Rational Team Concert item. Outgoing synchronization defines how a change in a Rational Team Concert item propagates to a ClearQuest record.

Synchronization rules also identify the synchronization managers that execute synchronization operations. The ClearQuest Synchronizer provides the synchronization managers for connecting ClearQuest record types and Rational Team Concert items.

A unique synchronization rule is required for each mapping of a ClearQuest record type to a Rational Team Concert item type.

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