Sample planning worksheet

As you gather the information you need to create synchronization rules, record that information in a worksheet. This topic provides a sample planning worksheet based on mapping the Defect record type to the Defect work item type. Complete a worksheet for each record type to work item type mapping.

You can find the following sample synchronization rules files at install-dir/jazz/connectors/gateway/sample/syncRules:

  • Attachment-Attachment.xml
  • Category-Project.xml
  • Contributor-User.xml
  • WorkItem-Defect.xml

The following worksheet does not provide a complete list of the fields mapped in the sample Defect record type synchronization rule. See the sample Defect synchronization rule,, for the complete list of mapped fields. The Defect record type that is used in the sample synchronization rule contains additional fields not found in the Defect record type that is defined in the out-of-the-box DefectTracking schema. To see the sample rules in the Synchronization Rule editor, import them in the Synchronization Rules view.

Table 1. Sample planning worksheet
Type of information Sample data
Record type to synchronize with work item type Record type: Defect. Work item type: Defect.
Mapping one record type to multiple work item types? No.
Synchronization direction Bidirectional.
Required fields Record type: Headline, Owner, Priority, Severity.

Work item type: Filed Against (Category), Summary.

Mapping of required fields Record type field / Work item type field:
  • Headline / Summary
  • Owner / Owner
  • Priority / Priority
  • Severity / Severity
  • Project / Filed Against (Category)
Method for setting work item type category Connect a stateless record with a category. Use the Project record type to set the category. The Defect record type contains a Project field, which is a reference to a Project record. The Project field contains a choice list that is populated with the values of the Name field in the Project records.
Mapping of nonrequired fields
Record type field / Work item type field:
  • Description / Description
  • Due_Date/ DueDate
  • Duration / Duration
  • Iteration / Target
  • Keywords / Tags
  • Resolution / Resolution
  • State / State
  • Submitter / Creator
Additional work item type fields needed Customer_Severity to map to customer_severity.
Additional record type fields needed jazz_work_item to map to Id to display the unique ID of the work item in the corresponding ClearQuest® record.
ClearQuest record fields to display but not synchronize with a work item field.  
Value mappings for choice list fields Record type field / Work item type field
Priority / Priority
  • 1 / High
  • 2 (default) / High
  • 3 / Medium
  • 4 / Low
Severity / Severity
  • 1 / Blocker
  • 1 / Critical (default)
  • 2 / Major
  • 3 / Normal
  • 4 / Minor
  • 5 / Unclassified
Fields whose values must be transformed Record type field / Work item type field / Transformer
  • Attachments / Attachments / Work Item Attachments Transformer
  • Duration / Duration / Timestamp/Days Transformer
  • Keywords / Tags / Work Item Tags Transformer
  • Notes_Log / Comments / Work Item Comments Transformer
Synchronize attachments? Yes.
ClearQuest reference fields and the record types they reference Owner and Submitter both reference the users record type. The Project field is a reference to the Project record type.
ClearQuest fields whose values must be set in a specific order. None.