Review these prerequisites before you configure and use the ClearQuest® Synchronizer.

Before you attempt to configure and use the ClearQuest Synchronizer, make sure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Install and set up a Jazz™ Team Server.
  • Create a Jazz project area and create Jazz user accounts for team members. See Creating a project area and Creating users for details.
  • Install the ClearQuest Synchronizer on the computer where you plan to configure and run it.
  • IBM® Rational® ClearQuest 7.1.2 or higher must be installed on the computer where the ClearQuest Synchronizer is installed.
  • If IBM Rational ClearQuest and the ClearQuest Synchronizer are installed on a computer running Linux, execute the appropriate ClearQuest setup script as follows:
    • For csh, tcsh, and other csh-compatible shells:
      source clearquest-install-directory/cq_setup.csh 
    • For sh, ksh, bash and other Bourne-compatible shells:
      . clearquest-install-directory/ 

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