Prerequisites for integrating with SSH

Before you configure the integration between IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) and SSH, ensure that your environment meets certain prerequisites.

To configure the integration with SSH, your environment must meet these prerequisites:

  • The EWM server is installed and configured. For details about installing and setting up the EWM server, see Installing IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.
  • The following software is installed on the Linux system that will host the SSH server:
    • Node runtime
    • npm
    • sed
    • bash
    • git
  • On the system that will host the SSH server, ensure that the following executables are available in the PATH environment variable:
    • node.js or node
    • npm
    • sed
    • bash
    • git
  • To check whether git is available in the PATH enviornment variable, run the following command: $> whereis git. If it returns the following output, then git is not available in the PATH variable: git:. Otherwise, you should see an output like the following: git:/usr/bin/git.
  • Repeat the above process to confirm that the other executables are in the PATH environment variable.
  • EWM and the SSH Server share a common user base.
  • You have permission to configure SSH on a Git server.
  • You have set up and configured a Node.js-based server on the system that hosts the SSH server. This is required to register the Git repository in EWM and display commit details in the web client. See Setting up a Node.js server for Git for details.
  • The SSH server and Node.js server are configured with the same location for Git repositories.
  • Note: This integration is supported only if SSH uses key-based authentication rather than password-based authentication.

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