Prerequisites for integrating with Node.js

Before you configure the integration between IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) and Node.js, ensure that your environment meets certain prerequisites.

To configure the integration with Node.js, your environment must meet these prerequisites:

  • The EWM server is installed and configured. For details about installing and setting up the EWM server, see Installing IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.
  • The following software is installed on the Linux system that will host the Node.js server:
    • Node runtime
    • npm
    • sed
    • bash
    • git
  • On the system that will host the Node.js server, ensure that the following executables are available in the PATH environment variable:
    • node.js or node
    • npm
    • sed
    • bash
    • git
  • To check whether git is available in the PATH enviornment variable, run the following command: $> whereis git. If it returns the following output, then git is not available in the PATH variable: git:. Otherwise, you should see an output like the following: git:/usr/bin/git.
  • Repeat the above process to confirm that the other executables are in the PATH environment variable.
  • EWM and Node.js server share a common user base.

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