Synchronizing with Rational ClearQuest MultiSite

You can use the ClearQuest® Synchronizer with ClearQuest MultiSite, but you need to be aware of how it behaves in a MultiSite environment.

The ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard configures your IBM® Rational® ClearQuest environment by applying the JazzInterop package to a schema and then upgrading a user database to the new version of the schema. However, in a ClearQuest Multisite environment, you must manually apply the package to the replica schemas and upgrade the user database replicas. The wizard applies the package to only the replica that is connected to the ClearQuest Gateway. A ClearQuest Gateway can be connected to only one ClearQuest user database replica. Every replica in the family must have the JazzInterop package applied to its schema. The JazzInterop package adds a JazzConnectorChangeEvents record type to the schema. When you create, modify, or delete a record, the change is recorded in a JazzConnectorChangeEvents record. The ClearQuest Gateway uses the information stored in JazzConnectorChangeEvents records during incoming synchronization operations.

During a MultiSite synchronization operation, the JazzConnectorChangeEvents records are replicated to the other replicas in the family. When you create a ClearQuest record, it is mastered by the replica where you create it. However, the JazzConnectorChangeEvents records are mastered by the replica that is connected to the ClearQuest Gateway. When the ClearQuest Gateway performs an incoming synchronization operation, it includes only changes made at the replica to which it is connected, and changes made at remote replicas that have been replicated to the connected replica. It does not include changes made at a remote replica that have not been replicated by a MultiSite synchronization operation.

As part of its incoming synchronization handling, the ClearQuest Gateway removes JazzConnectorChangeEvents records from the replica to which it is connected.

Because a record is mastered at the replica where you create it, synchronization of records created at replicas other than the one connected to the ClearQuest Gateway is one-directional. When a Jazz™ user changes the work item that corresponds to the ClearQuest record, the outgoing synchronization operation for that work item fails. The ClearQuest Gateway cannot update the ClearQuest record because it is mastered at a remote replica.


If you are applying the package to a schema in a ClearQuest MultiSite environment, see the ClearQuest MultiSite Help for details about the sequence of steps to follow when applying packages and upgrading user databases.

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