Identification of candidates for outgoing synchronization

An outgoing synchronization task runs periodically in the Jazz™ Team Server to find work items and their related items that should be synchronized with ClearQuest® records. The task follows a specific algorithm to determine which items should be synchronized.

The task reads each synchronization rule that exists in the Jazz repository. The first time that the task runs after a synchronization rule has been created, it searches for items of the type specified in the rule that have been created or modified since the synchronization rule was last saved. Thereafter, the task searches for items that have been created or modified since the last time the task processed the synchronization rule. Of the items that the task finds, those that meet all of the following conditions are synchronized with ClearQuest records:

  • The item either is not associated with a project area or is associated with the project area that contains the synchronization rule.
  • If the synchronization rule has a type qualifier, the item is the same type or type category as specified in the type qualifier property. For example, work item type Defect.
  • If the item is not already connected to a ClearQuest record, the item is associated with a team area that is listed in the synchronization rule as being enabled for the rule.

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