Getting started with the ClearQuest Synchronizer

The ClearQuest® Synchronizer allows you to synchronize information between Jazz™ work items and ClearQuest records.

Although the Jazz work items component lets you submit and track defects, tasks, and enhancement requests, your team might have a need to also use a ClearQuest user database. The ClearQuest Synchronizer lets you work in both tools and share data. Through synchronization operations, the ClearQuest Synchronizer maps ClearQuest records, such as defects, to Jazz work items. When a user creates or modifies a ClearQuest record, the ClearQuest Synchronizer creates or modifies a corresponding work item. The creation and modification changes also flow from work items to ClearQuest records.

As the figure below shows, the ClearQuest Synchronizer uses the ClearQuest Gateway, a server process, to communicate with a Jazz Team Server and connect ClearQuest records with work items associated with one or more project areas.

This picture shows a ClearQuest Gateway in between a Jazz Team Server and a ClearQuest user database. Arrows between the Gateway and the Jazz Team Server and between the Gateway and the ClearQuest user database indicate that HTTP is used as the communication protocol.

Before you can use ClearQuest Synchronizer, you must configure your ClearQuest and Jazz environments. The ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard walks you through the steps required to configure a ClearQuest user database and to perform initial configuration of your Jazz environment. The wizard applies the JazzInterop package to your ClearQuest schema and then upgrades the user database with that schema. In Jazz project areas, the wizard creates synchronization rules for each ClearQuest record type that you want to synchronize with work items. Synchronization rules describe how to map ClearQuest record type fields to work item properties. After you finish running the wizard, you must edit the generated synchronization rules to specify additional mapping details.

First steps

Before you attempt to use the ClearQuest Synchronizer in your production environment, go through the ClearQuest Synchronizer tutorial: Get started with the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer.

For details about deploying and starting the ClearQuest Gateway, see Deploying the ClearQuest Synchronizer.

For details about using the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard, see Setting up the ClearQuest Synchronizer.

For details about setting up your Jazz environment to use the ClearQuest Synchronizer, see Configuring a Jazz project area for the ClearQuest Synchronizer.

For details about working on ClearQuest records and Jazz work items in a synchronized environment, see Working in a synchronized environment.

For a comprehensive list of the steps required to configure the ClearQuest Synchronizer, see Configuration checklist.

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