Configuring and using the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer

The ClearQuest® Synchronizer allows you to synchronize information between IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work items and ClearQuest records.

About this task

Although the EWM work items component lets you submit and track defects, tasks, and enhancement requests, your team might have a need to also use a ClearQuest user database. The ClearQuest Synchronizer lets you work in both tools and share data. Through synchronization operations, the ClearQuest Synchronizer maps ClearQuest records, such as defects, to EWM work items. When a user creates or modifies a ClearQuest record, the ClearQuest Synchronizer creates or modifies a corresponding work item. The creation and modification changes also flow from work items to ClearQuest records.

Before you can use the ClearQuest Synchronizer, you must configure your ClearQuest and Jazz® environments. See Prerequisites first. Before you deploy the ClearQuest Synchronizer in your production environment, go through the ClearQuest Synchronizer tutorial. See Get started with the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer.

See Configuration checklist to guide you through the steps required to configure your ClearQuest and Jazz environments.