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Lesson 4: Define project work

In this lesson, you use the project requirements and plan items to create the work items for each project phase. You also assign the plan items and work items to the project phases. In an iterative development model, you can assign implementation work items to the implementation or development iterations.


To create detailed plan items and stories:

  1. From the menu, click Work Items, and then click Shared Queries.
  2. From the list of default queries, click Open created by me to retrieve the plan items that you created.
  3. From each plan item, extract more detailed work items. For more information about creating work items, see Creating work items in the web client.
  4. In the work item editor, in the Planned for field, select a phase or iteration to assign the work item to.

    Choices in the "Planned for" field

  5. Click Save.


The work items are now planned for the project phases and iterations in which they will be completed.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned to create work items to implement the project plan items and stories. You also learned to assign the work items to the project phases and iterations in which the work items are to be implemented and completed.
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