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Customize process in your project area and team areas

This tutorial shows you how to customize process in project areas and team areas.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform the following tasks:
  • Create a lifecycle project. Add users as members of the project areas that belong to the lifecycle project. Assign roles to those members.
  • Create a timeline. Create a hierarchy of iterations within the timeline.
  • Create a team area. Add members to the team area, and assign roles to the members.
  • Set permissions on roles that apply to all team areas within a project area.
  • Customize permission settings within team areas.
  • Prevent team leads from overriding permission settings in team areas.
  • Create a role and assign permissions to it.
  • Configure operation behavior (preconditions).
  • Create an iteration type. Specify that an iteration is of the iteration type. Configure operation behavior for an iteration type.

Time required

You should plan on spending two hours on this tutorial.
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