Lesson 3: Create a team area and add a member

In this lesson, you will create a team area and add a user as a member of the team area. You will also create a work item category and associate it with the team area.

About this task

Work item categories populate the Filed Against field value choices in work items. In this way, you associate a work item with the team that is responsible for addressing it. In the next lesson, we will explore setting permissions on work item creation actions at the project level and then overriding those settings in the team area.

To create a new team area:


  1. Click Overview to go to the project area Overview page. In the Team Hierarchy section, click Create Team icon, the Create Team icon. Enter a name, such as Admin UI team. In the Timeline section, notice that the project timeline, Main Development, is the default entry. Click the dropdown arrow to see that the Maintenance timeline is also available. For this tutorial, we'll create the team area in the Main Development timeline, so select that. Click Save to save the team area.
    Note: After you create a team area, you cannot associate it with a different timeline.
  2. Next, you will create a user and add her as a member of the team area. From Administration menu icon, the Administration menu, click Manage Users. Click Create User. Enter a name, user ID, and Email address for a user. Specify user@example.com for the Email address. Select JazzUsers repository permissions. Select the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management - Developer and IBM Engineering Test Management - Quality Professional licenses. This user will need the Quality Professional CAL in Lesson 7: Configure operation behavior (QM). Click Save to create the user. Throughout the rest of this tutorial, we use Wilma as the name of this user.
  3. Click Project Areas, then select Customization Tutorial Project (Change Management) under Recent Project Areas. In the Team Hierarchy section, click Admin UI team. In the Members section, click Add to add Wilma. In the Add New Members wizard, enter Wilma, then click the arrow to move Wilma from the Matching users pane to the Selected users pane. Click Next. Assign the Team Member role to Wilma by selecting Team Member in the Available Roles pane and then clicking the arrow to move it to the Selected Roles pane. Click Finish.
    Screen capture of Process Roles window. Team Member is shown in the Selected Roles pane.

    Click Save to save your changes to the team area. You are asked if you want to send an Email message to Wilma inviting her to the team area. Click Cancel.

  4. Navigate to the project area by clicking the link to it under the Team Hierarchy section. Click Categories. In the Actions cell for the project area category, click Actions icon, the Actions icon and select Add Category. Enter Admin UI as the name. Click OK. In the Actions cell for the Admin UI category, click Actions icon again and select Associate. Select the Admin UI team. Click Associate. Click Save.
    Screen capture of the Categories grid that contains columns named Actions, Categories, and Associated Project/Team Area. The bottom row shows the Admin UI category and the Admin UI team.


Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned how to perform the following tasks:
  • Create a team area.
  • Add a user as a member of the team area.
  • Assign a role to the member of the team area.
  • Create a work item category and associate it with a team area.